Juana Y Margarita


Our precious 7 month old baby girl (Margarita) was found by CPS after receiving a call from a woman complaining that her neighbor was an irresponsible woman who stayed up all night multiple nights of every week drinking and even leaving her children without food or changing them for days at a time. Though there are 5 siblings total, when CPS arrived on the scene they only found 2 little girls one 3 months and one 7 years old. Both girls found were severely malnourished and filthy. According to the report given to us, the 7 year old was lying on the bed in a fetal position and so malnourished that “had they not intervened immediately, death was imminent” They took the 7 year old to the hospital where she remains receiving intensive intravenous nutritional supplements. A couple months later, Margarita’s older sister (Juana- 4 years old) was brought to us because she was found sitting in the bar where her mother was drinking. The sisters are united in our care! Margarita over the last 4 months has recovered from her terrible rashes (from not being cleaned or changed) and is gaining weight rapidly. She wasn’t given a name by her mother, so we named her. Her older sister, Juana has the most brilliant smile and the most amazingly sweet demeanor. I believe that these sweet sisters will be a miracle and witness to His LOVE!