Santiago Y Sebastian


Santiago (3 years old) and his little brother Sebastian (4 months). They were brought to us by CPS at 1 am one April morning. When they got to us they were filthy. Santiago’s pants were wet and stained with urine, it looked as though he hadn’t been changed in weeks. Santiago was very scared for his first couple days here. He didn’t want his little brother to be out of his sight. If we took Sebastian upstairs to change him, Santiago would scream and cry and would only calm down when he could sit down next to “his baby” as he calls him. Now, he is a different kid; calm, fun, and outgoing! He is an amazingly sweet little boy, with energy and humor. His eyes melt your heart and his hugs can change your day. Sebastian’s first days were a hard adjustment as well. He was clearly breastfeeding, so the switch to formula was a challenge, but he is eating like a champ now! The CPS report explains that the boys were with their drunk parents when their aunt made the call. Our Social Worker (Ale) is working with the family in the hopes that the children could return to a restored and TRANSFORMED FAMILY. Please pray for Santiago and Sebastian’s parents, and for the opportunity Ale has to be used by the Lord in their lives. In the meantime, these boys are a wonderful addition to the TACU FAM!