Guadalupe & Elizabeth


Sisters, Guadalupe (3) and Elizabeth (1), were brought to us by CPS- who said that they got a call with information that the mother drinks a lot and neglects her 5 children that were found living under a tree. The 3 older children were sent with a family member, but they refused to receive the youngest two, so Guadalupe and Elizabeth live with us now!! When our social worker went to investigate where they were living, she found a small tarp hung up under a tree with a couple blankets on the floor and a chair. Guadalupe barely had any clothes on and Elizabeth was covered in her own poop. They are such loveable little girls. Whitney has been teaching Guadalupe some English so now she greets me in the morning with a big smile and a cheerful “GOOD MORNEEN!!!” Elizabeth is on the verge of walking now, and Guadalupe is gaining weight and talking with much more confidence than when she arrived. They are the leaders of the pack; the trouble makers of the group; there is never a dull day at TACU with these two around; and we wouldn’t have it any other way!