About 4 months ago, we got a call late one night from CPS saying that they were bringing us a baby 8 months old directly from the hospital. So they brought us our sweet Nicolas Little Nicolas came in a sad state. He was SEVERELY dehydrated and with a diagnosis of Amoebas. We gave him his treatment, but had a scary couple of days because He wasn’t keeping anything down. He was vomiting up all that we gave him. We were about to take him to the hospital and stay the night with him there so they could hydrate him, when our house Doc (Christian) came and said he wanted to try. So he sat with Nicolas for 3 hours feeding him his rehydration salts through a syringe. He kept it down and from that night forward he has been a different baby. After reading the report that CPS brought us upon his arrival, we know that the neighbors went to CPS saying that the baby would die if they didn’t intervene- his parents are alcohol and drug addicted and the report said that the father was extremely abusive. Nicolas is the cuddliest of all the babies. He wants to be held all the time and isn’t happy until he can at least lean against some part of you. Nicolas turned one in June, and is a handsome little guy with so much energy and love.