Please pray for these children, for our team, and for God’s will through us.


Be apart of our story. Please contact us about potential volunteering opportunities at Below are testimonies of previous volunteers:

Whitney A.

           Talita Cumi, to me, is more than just a children’s home. It’s a place of refuge for kids who have deep, deep wounds and have faced more in their short life than most will face in an entire lifetime. Talita Cumi is a place where our kids can truly find healing, be set free from the chains that once held them down, and be lifted up out of utter darkness and shown Light, Love and the resurrecting Power of Jesus Christ. Talita Cumi Children’s home is our kids’ safe place. We have been blessed with amazing people who love and care for our kids and truly desire to show them how bright life can be. The testimony of the ministry of Talita Cumi has been humbling, and completely life changing for me.

Julie S.

           In 2016 I told God yes. I told God I wanted all of Him and none of me. Two weeks later God introduced me to a place called, Talita Cumi. A home for children that God sought to restore, give hope, and bring to salvation. For 1 year I served as a Tia, cleaning walls and folding clothes, then washing clothes and cleaning a messy dining room. I had the opportunity to see a house empty and a house full. I professed that I knew God, but did I know about His abundant love? Did I know that small, grubby hands could hold my hand, leading me to understand that this hand that held my own belonged to a unique human being, loved by his creator? Did I know that humming songs to crying babies would soothe my worrying heart, as God reminded me that just as there would always be someone to pick them up, change them and feed them, God’s love would always be at my side holding me, nurturing me, and healing me? And did I know that when terror awoke a 3 year old girl in the middle of the night that my hugs and small whispers would be an echo of God’s profound love for not just her, but me? I didn’t know any of this would happen, but it did, and I can’t believe I was so fortunate to witness God’s abundant love towards His little ones. Every child that entered came in with a story that has yet to be finished. I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to see God write His love notes into their hearts through my diaper changes, potty training, spoon feeding, hand holding, and owie kissing moments. I didn’t know what kind of impact Talita Cumi would have on me. I had every intention of serving Christ and His children. What I didn’t know was how deeply in love I would fall for these children. I didn’t realize that as He transformed the hearts of the abandoned, ashamed, broken, and hurting, He was transforming my own heart too.

Michaela S.

           I spent a year in Bolivia in June of 2017-2018. At 20 years old, I was met by 20 little faces of joy. I was met by challenge. But most of all I was met by love. What it looks like to serve the least of these. My heart learned of the orphan heart-and of a restoration that is hopeful and sure. I am still changed to this day by the life and ministry of Talita Cumi.

Hannah S.

           My time at Talita Cumi was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Being able to impart love to each and every kid was so special. While teaching and caring for the children they taught me patience, kindness, and what it actually means to love and care for someone. It also made me so thankful for my family and everything we take for granted in America. Each one of those beautiful kids deserves a forever home and more love than they know what to do with. It was so heartbreaking learning about each child’s story and seeing the impact it had and continues to have on their lives. But I’m so glad they have found a permanent home in Talita Cumi where they get to experience God’s love. After my time at Talita Cumi my outlook on the world has changed for the better and makes me want to impact and reach out to as many people as I can for God’s kingdom. I learned more about His love from those kids than I could have in a lifetime. My experience made me stronger in Christ and gave me a fresh vision for His kingdom. Talita Cumi changed my life in so many ways. I have gained so many lifelong friends… from the directors Shelly and Whitney, the Tias, and Michaela and Anna who I volunteered along side and became amazing friends with. I pray often for Talita Cumi and I am believing that each child will find a family that loves them even half as much I know their Talita Cumi family does.

Sarah C.

           In the four short weeks God allowed me to serve at Talita Cumi, I was exposed to my fair share of “unfamiliar” – unfamiliar faces, an unfamiliar language and a whole lot of unfamiliar (and delicious) foods. However, three things stuck out above the rest. I found a joy in the people and children that was incomparable to any I had ever known. I saw a reverence for the Lord that was, quite frankly, lacking in my life and in the United States. I experienced God take the most mundane of tasks and shine His glory brightly through. In the midst all the unfamiliar, I became more familiar than ever with the One who had brought me there and the reason for His calling. By God’s grace, I was able to take part in the great work being done at Talita Cumi and I can confidently say that my life has been forever changed.


We live on the faith of those who give their hearts and their money to this work. There are two ways to financially support Talita Cumi, donate or become a sponsor. Donating to our general fund goes to paying salaries for the Tias, groceries, medical needs, and electricity. Sponsoring a child goes toward their school tuition, uniforms and materials, diapers, and formula.


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