Our first little girl in Talita Cumi! Now 5 year old Maria was dropped off at CPS by her 22 year old mother who “has various substance addictions” and “is on and off the street”. She is dating a man who is not Maria’s father, and threw her positive pregnancy test in the small black garbage bag that she left containing Maria’s clothes (a sweater and a hat). She told CPS that she couldn’t handle two kids and that she doesn’t want to hurt Maria anymore, explaining that she has these fits of rage where she loses control and hits her daughter. Maria was brought to us by CPS (Child Protective Services) this November, 2016. Maria is a TREASURE. A FIRE CRACKER, confident and smart. We can’t fathom what the first 4 years of life for her have entailed, but we are overjoyed that she has joined our Talita Cumi family and will get to spend the next chapter with us!